THANK YOU – for helping with the food drive and the Big Sort

24th March 2018

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who helped over last weekend to make our FOOD DRIVE a huge success this.

So many people helped in so many ways. Thank you to everyone.

And what a result…………….we collected over 220 trays of food plus £216.20 in cash at Morrison’s last week end. Thank you to the volunteers who were there at the store front throughout the weekend…….in spite of the very cold weather. We are indebted to Morrison’s and Timpson staff for the supply of hot drinks over the two days.

Thanks also to those who helped on Monday to weigh and date, sort and box all the food in those trays…….and then all the boxes were carried upstairs for storage in our warehouse.

The weighing, sorting and boxing and was all completed by 1.30pm…….absolutely brilliant……and a lot of hard work.

It was great having so many helpers and there was such a nice atmosphere in the hall, in spite of the massive task in hand.

Especial thanks to all family friends and relations and church friends for helping with this big task. We are indebted to all of you.

Specifically also we must thank Morrison’s and their staff and customers for their help and generous support over the weekend (and cups of tea/coffee!!), the City Building apprentices for transporting the trays to St Columbkille’s and the RAF Aux volunteers, both for help with the sort and certainly for carrying the boxes upstairs.

Thanks again  everyone.


Great effort folks!

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