SOS Help needed at BIG SORT – Take 2

6th October 2018

Dear All

First a big thank you to all of you who came along on Monday to help with The Big Sort. Unfortunately, as those who were there know, due to circumstances completely out with our control, we were unable to get the food from Morrison’s warehouse, where it had been stored over the weekend. This although we did sort food collected from other sources the 200+ crates we collected at Morrisons still need to be sorted and stored.

As such we really need your help again this Monday,  the 8th, at 11 am at St Columbkilles hall, Rutherglen. We have been assured that the crates will be delivered by 11 am. The work is not difficult and we will give you a full briefing on what is required before you start. We are grateful to our friends in the RAF Reserve who will be there again to do the heavy lifting for us. The atmosphere on Monday was great, even though we could not complete the task, and I am sure it will be just as good this week.

So if you could possibly spare some time on Monday please come along, preferably about 10:50, but even if you can’t manage till a bit later any time you can spare would be appreciated. We should be finished between 1:00 and 1:30, but even if you can only come for an hour or so that would be great.

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